The CICE-2018 workshops are international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice, Pedagogy, Arts, History, Open Learning, Distance Education, Math and Science Education, ICT, Language Learning, Education (Early Year, Secondary, Post-Secondary and Higher), E-Learning, and identify emerging research topics. The workshops offer a good opportunity for young researchers to present their work and to obtain feedback from an interested community. All the accepted workshops' papers will be included in the conference proceedings.

The CICE-2018 encourages you to submit workshop proposals. Workshop duration is 90 minutes. You can consider organising a workshop that is related to CICE-2018 topics or other areas of education. Please email your workshop proposal to

The purpose of these workshops is to provide a platform for presenting novel ideas in a less formal and possibly more focused way than the conferences themselves. The format of each workshop is to be determined by the organisers, but it is expected that they contain ample time for general discussion. The preference is for one day workshops, but other schedules will also be considered.

Important Dates

Workshop Proposal Submission April 15, 2018
Notification of Workshop Acceptance April 25, 2018

Accepted Workshops

Workshop 1: Sustainable and Peaceful Society Leading to Undivided Global Family

Scope: All human beings continually aspire for happy life, a fulfilling and successful life and the purpose of education is to provide adequate competence to actualize this aspiration. HVPE course is an innovative type of course input aimed at bringing about a perceptional transformation among the students by initiating a process of self-exploration. Through this course students are able to see that the only right evaluation leads to fulfilment in the relationship. This is the base of peaceful and sustainable society. Students imbibes social and emotional skills through the process of self-exploration with the help of this course. Many existing problems in the society are outcome of wrong evaluation of fellow human beings like gender-bias, cast-conflicts, class struggle, domination through power, communal violence and so on. All this problem could get permanent long-term solution when humans develops realization that their fellow human-beings are alike irrespective their cast, creed and religion. This HVPE course help students to develop this realization. HVPE follows a process of self-verification, on the basis of one’s own Natural Acceptance, leading to self-determination. It is not a process of assuming or a process of do’s and don’ts. It has been designed to be a part of the academic curriculum. It aims at Knowledge (right understanding) in the self, Love (feeling of being related to all) in thought and Compassion (the expression of the responsibility of being related to all) in behaviour and work.

1. HPVE course subject is to facilitate development of holistic perspective among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding of human reality and nature. Such a holistic perspective forms the basis of peaceful and sustainable societies.
2. This holistic understanding stated above in terms of ethical human conduct, trustful and mutual fulfilling human behavior and mutual enriching interaction with nature would help young enquiring minds in contributing towards global peace.
3. It would help students to appreciate the essential complementarity between ‘Social and Emotional Skills’ and professional skills to ensure sustained happiness and peace, which is the core aspiration of all human beings.

The feeling of relatedness that naturally expands from family to world family is the underlying mindset for an integrated or undivided society. Living in order starts with family order and naturally expands to living order in a group of families and onwards right up to world family order, which is the basis for universal human order. This course provides the essential guidelines for and develops commitment for a humane society.

Organisers: R.S. Uppal, Harpreet Kaur Uppal, Manraj Singh Uppal
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, India