Best Paper

Title: Psychological Adaptation of College Students with and without Disabilities
Author: Sheng-Min Cheng
Affiliation: National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Best Extended Abstract

Title: Exploring Perceptions of Education among Refugee Youth in Nyarugusu Camp
Author: Jessica Msofe
Affiliation: Lakehead University, Canada

Best Poster

Title: Assessing the Impact of a Student’s Class Level on Satisfaction with Study Abroad Programs
Author: David Okereke
Affiliation: Rutgers University, United States


Best Paper
Title: Institutional Habitus and Educational Outcomes of Looked After Children: Complexities and Paradoxes
Author: Gary Walker
Affiliation: Leeds Beckett University, UK

Best Poster
Title: Adventures in Technology-Enhanced Active Learning Classrooms
Authors: Simone Laughton, Cleo Boyd, Sherry Fukuzawa, Sanja Hinic-Frlog, Christoph Richter, Chester Scoville, Daniel Zingaro
Affiliation: University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada