Press Release

Toronto, Canada –The Canada International Conference on Education (CICE) will be held at the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada from the 22nd  to 25th of June, 2020. The CICE is an international conference that is solely dedicated to upholding the advancement of the theories and practices in education.

The CICE promotes collaborative excellence between professionals and academicians of education. Over the years, CICE has been developing a strong and solid network of excellent pioneers and researchers in education around the world.

CICE provide a great opportunity for many professionals in the field of education including academicians who have cross-disciplinary expertise, interests, and skills that can bridge the knowledge gap, promote the evolution of educational pedagogy, and build high research esteem.

CICE is one of the largest and most attended international conferences in the world. It is attended by graduates, postgraduates, undergraduates, faculty including teachers, lecturers, researchers, deans, professors, department heads, study abroad advisors, librarians, chancellors, vice chancellors, university and college presidents, government departments, policy makers as well as all of the stakeholders who are passionate about bringing innovative, rigorous, and creative ways of resolving the barriers to learning practices.

Attending CICE will definitely be a milestone in you and your professional career in education. International conferences like this showcase not only your background and interest in education but also build your network with local and foreign participants.

CICE is also a channel for all participants to learn latest research findings and the future impacts of these findings. This is also the best opportunity for you to showcase and promote your brand, products, and services that are useful and to many professionals and academicians around the world. Visit for more information about the upcoming CICE.