The ideology of being secured is an important aspect of human existence. The research in cyber security has exposed certain co-elements of security expectancy. To be secured we must develop trust in our relationship with who we intend to feel secured. The question of security therefore goes beyond keeping things safe or communicating some secrets from the second and third parties.

Are people with special needs really need to be secured /or feel secured in order to achieve their goal(s)?

Can the environment determine what type of security a special needs person will require at a given time in order to be motivated?

The question of how to make a special needs person feel secured has not yet been researched into, even though security has been a daily phrase on the news and most talked about. To help a special needs person to reach a goal in life does not necessarily means that there is a secure element between the individuals /or people involved. The key element in special needs person is the ability to motivate and challenge their inner self, that they can do it “whatever they set their mind on”.